Age Of Aquarius – Out There

age of aquarius - out there

After exploring the changes we were bound to experience in this Age Of Aquarius on their 2017 debut Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox and singer Nakoma Z are back with their second effort: … Out There…
With music building on their progressive and rock music roots, yet with a healthy dose of pop melodies thrown in for good measure, the duo are back with a vengeance and deliver 10 compelling songs that discuss various UFO / Alien topics. Sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes serious, sometimes… well find out for yourself.

With the album taking more time than originally anticipated, Peter and Nakoma Z experienced first hand that changes can come unexpectedly. These changes also opened the door for Peter to add voices and vocals. Parts of the in between storytelling were inspired by documentaries on the subject.

Release: March 3, 2021

Age Of Aquarius – Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius

Age Of Aquarius - Dawn Of The age Of Aquarius

Here we have 2 Aquarians taking on the challenge of bringing something new to the table. Original and fresh. On instruments we have Dutchman Peter Cox (Forest Field, Earthshine), who also wrote the songs. All vocals are provided by the lovely Zoe Ehinger, born and raised in England, but now a resident of the USA. Heavily influenced by Astrology and the mysteries of this and other worlds, Zoe rewrote  the lyrics to express her feelings on the topics at hand.


  1. Under One Big Sky (4:34)
  2. The Water Bearer (7:43)
  3. Air Element Three (3:35) *
  4. Uranian Utopia (6:14)
  5. Ray Five (3:10) *
  6. Mercury Rising (4:20)
  7. The Seventh Hymn (6:15)
  8. Darling Jupiter (4:18)
  9. Amethyst Tranquility (3:27) *
  10. Saturnian Chaos (7:35)

Total time 51:15