Cranston – II

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AOR God Paul Sabu and singer extraordinaire Phil Vincent once again team up!

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Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent, AOR God Paul Sabu, D’Ercole drummer B.F. D’Ercole, together form CRANSTON. Their new album “II” defies any easy pigeonhole. By turns, they perform melodic rock to accompany a throbbing backline as in “What’s it Gonna Take” and “Always on the Run”, singing about life, love, and everything surrounding it. Then suddenly dropping a pop song worthy of massive attention in the form of “Wish I Had More Time”. Then changing course to insight the metal fury of “Throwin’ Down”, “Dead & Gone” and “Tables Turning”. CRANSTON “II” checks all the boxes. They top it all off with a massive production on par with the most successful albums of our time– This, all skilfully blended into a seamless flow.

Digital formats available from Bandcamp and many others.


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