D’Ercole – The Ballad of C.L.


2019 release with 9 tracks of the trademark hard rock / metal.

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“The Ballad of C.L.” by D’Ercole represents a new era in melodic hard rock. Massive hooks and shredding riffs bring back the late 80’s Hair Metal days but coupled with modern production and content, this album will satisfy the most discerning metal/hard rock fan. Song after song of hook-laden rock and multilayered vocals will emanate from your speakers courtesy of Phil Vincent. Vince O’Regan does his best to add just enough metal shred to the proceedings. Damian D’Ercole and B.F. D’Ercole complete the band with style and power. Turn it up and enjoy “The Ballad of C.L.”

Release: October 11 – 2019


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