Earthshine – Ghost In The Machine

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2016 released fourth Earthshine album. 4 tracks and 44 minutes of haunting instrumental electronic music

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“We can celebrate with glee, as Earthshine have created their best release so far, Ghost in the Machine maybe long form, but its easily their best release by a musical mile, its expressive, it’s amazingly artistic, it’s a crafted album of
great style, class and quality” – Steve Sheppard

Hot on the heels of its predecessor comes this 4th Earthshine album. And one that is pushing boundaries like never before. But trying new things is important, even if you do not know beforehand where the music will take you. So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey.
Part of this album was recorded with the ROR guitars Expressiv midi guitar.

  1. HAUNTED is the house 11:58
  2. reverse IN going forward 9:42
  3. philosophy of THE mind 9:31
  4. steam up that ENGINE 13:33
    total playing time 44:44

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