Sunrise Auranaut – Inserter

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2018 and Album 5 from Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev. Instrumental progressive rock in beautiful digi

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Album 5 from Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev, again with his musical partner Alexander Malakhov on synthesizers, is easy his best effort yet. More focused, more power and more memorable. And with more stunning artwork from Kiselev too!

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10 tracks:

  1. the flight continues
  2. in the old house
  3. keeper of the forest castle
  4. identification man (psychedelic inserter)
  5. fog
  6. the saga of the discoverers (parts 1 + 2)
    – obstructions enclosed in desires
    – guiding star
  7. the saga of the discoverers (part 3)
    – all or nothing
  8. the world of light
  9. one strange morning
  10. hello, star man!

Digital formats available from Bandcamp, and many more.



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