Tragik – Tainted

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2017 and the 7th album by melodic rock band TRAGIK. Digi.

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Please enjoy the 7th album by melodic rock band TRAGIK. Featuring Phil Vincent, Dirk Phillips, and Damian D’Ercole. Their new release, “Tainted”, is a natural progression from their 2015 classic album “Come and Get It”. Including 12 creations of melodic rock, “Tainted” will please fans of Dokken, Winger, Def Leppard, Scorpions and The Beatles while adding a unique flavour consistent with the Tragik name. Melody, crunch, power, distortion, and layered vocals all blended together into a melodic rock album begging to be heard.


  1. Welcome Back (3:35)
  2. Not Over You (Listen) (9:26)
  3. Can’t Take it Back (3:09)
  4. Into the Great Unknown (4:03)
  5. Face of Sorrow (3:08)
  6. Out of Nowhere (5:06)
  7. ‘Til I See You Again (4:53)
  8. Nobody’s There (6:08)
  9. Regrets (4:33)
  10. Tainted (3:39)
  11. Heaven (8:34)
  12. Harsh Reality (4:14)



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